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Conference Speaking

Matt Trask • December 20, 2018

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It wasn't in my plans to be a keynoter this year, or ever, but here we are. Im happy to say I will be one of the keynote speakers of MidwestPHP, my talk being about mental health and how I've learned to adapt and overcome challenges. Hopefully people will leave this talk with some ideas they can adapt to their lives as well. Based on a thread from Phil Sturgeon, depression can strike anyone at anytime no matter who you are. Very timely.

Also, Im happy to say I will be giving a session at Midwest PHP going over the OpenAPI and how you can build your APIs with it. Its a fun talk and I love giving it. Before that though, I will be in Miami to speak about Vue.js at Sunshine. Why I submitted on JS I dont know, but Im having fun with it. Im recycling the API I built for CascadiaPHP to build a front end with Vue, which gives me more material for Midwest as well.

Im sure I will end up at other conferences but so far these are sure fire things. Other things I hope to accomplish soon:

Hope to see you around at a conference next year!