About Me

I'm a software developer, photographer, cyclist, and currently fascinated by investing and personal finance. Also I'm short.

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Where to find me online


Current Team:
MoreCommerce - Senior Software Engineer

Past Teams:
Bernard Health - Mid Level Developer
Tandum - Developer
Insight Global - Developer

Programming Interests


I help out wherever I can. I am currently a maintainer of phpversions.info, as well as openapi.tools

Outside of those projects, I am a conference speaker and soon to be conference keynote. You can find me at the following conferences in 2019:

I also help run Nash APIs as well as formerly helped run Atlanta PHP and Nashville PHP. Maybe I will come back to doing that. Once upon a time I ran Southeast PHP with the help of some great friends as well. If you ever want advice on how to run a user group or conference, you can always reach out and I will do my best to guide you.

Non Programming Interests

Some of my non programming interests are below. I know this is my programming/tech blog but these topics will slip in as well, until I feel I have enough content to justify another blog for it.